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We find the most interesting Silver Eagle USA. Here is the best deal we found for the 2006-P SILVER EAGLE REVERSE PROOF NGC PF70 20TH ANNIV. for sale on the Internet.

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2006-P SILVER EAGLE REVERSE PROOF NGC PF70 20TH ANNIV. Picture and Description:

 240831505887153660 2006 P SILVER EAGLE REVERSE PROOF NGC PF70 20TH ANNIV.

For the Discriminating Collector ~ 20th Anniversary Black Label Reverse Proof Coin ~ Graded PF70 ~ An excellent addition to your Registry ~ Guaranteed Blemish and Spot Free ~ No Toning ~ No Hazing ~ No Milk Spots This auction is for a Beautiful and Rare 2006-P 20th Anniversary Silver American Eagle - Reverse Proof Coin Certified PF70 by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC), one of the most prominent third party grading companies in the industry. This coin is one of the coveted 20th Anniversary Silver American Eagle Reverse Proof Coins with the Black Label designation. Be the proud owner of this special and rare 20th Anniversary Silver American Eagle Reverse Proof coin. This was the first year of the Reverse Proof Silver American Eagle coin. There are not many coins graded at the PF70 level - it is extremely difficult for coins to be graded PF70. This coin comes with the special Black Label - reserved only for coins that came from the 20th Anniversary Sets. The Black Label designation means that the coin set was submitted to NGC for grading in the original, unopened packing box, as it was received from the US Mint. Serial Number may vary from picture. These coins are increasing in value and come in NGC's patented slabs to show and preserve your investment. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me; I'd be happy to answer all inquiries about this coin. Add this valuable, rare, and much sought after Reverse Proof coin to your collection. Coins are shipped via FREE USPS First Class Mail. Win two or more coins within three days and pay for all of them at once and the S&H is $1.00 for each additional coin. Delivery Confirmation is free. Payment can be made via PayPal only. Payment in full must be received before coins are shipped. Sorry, no shipments are sent to Military APO and FPO addresses. Return of Certified and/or Bullion Coins are not accepted. If you feel you need to return an item, for any reason, please email me. The coin you see is exactly like the coin you will be receiving ~ perfect in every way ~ NO MILK SPOTS, NO TONING, NO HAZING. Do not miss out on this rare coin. These are very popular and are getting harder and harder to find. Thank you for looking and please take time to check my other auctions of fine graded Silver American Eagle and Commemorative Coins. Please stop back often as I will be adding more coins, as time permits. Thank you and Happy Bidding! Don't let this one get away. They are getting harder and harder to find. YOU KNOW YOU WANT IT! As always ~ All coins are in stock and available for immediate shipment!!! ~ Additional Information ~ > If you are bidding on more than one of my coins, please wait until all the auctions have closed and allow me time to update your invoice with combined shipping. The only way to get combined shipping and handling is to pay for all your coins at once - on one invoice. The invoices automatically sent at the end of each auction by eBay do not combine shipping - this has to be done by the seller. > I inspect every coin I sell and I will not sell any coin that I would not buy and own myself. That is my standard policy, with each and every coin. So bid with confidence! Just because a buyer does not like a coin is not reason to return it. The coins are graded by NGC, a professional third party grading company. The seller has no control over the graded coin in the NGC holder. The seller will exchange a coin if the seller sent you the wrong year; or, if the wrong year coin is in the holder - the year on the coin and the year on the holder label do not match (which has happened - and the error slipped by NGC and the seller). Otherwise, there is no return of graded coins. > The coin(s) I am sending you are valuable! They are silver! They should be treated with care! I will place all coins in a non-descriptive, theft deterrent envelope, with Delivery Confirmation; and each coin is placed in two layers of protective packaging. I do not place coins in zip lock bags or wrap them in old newspaper. I treat them with the respect they deserve. This takes time and effort, and materials; but your valuable coins deserve this type of personal care and treatment. A copy of the Order Form/Invoice is enclosed with your purchase so that you can easily identify the coin(s) you have received. > Why do I use stock photos? Like most sellers on eBay, I use stock photos. I have found it virtually impossible to take a photo of each and every coin I sell and then attach it to an auction. Some buyers pay immediately, some pay in a couple days, some pay with e-check which takes about a week or more to clear, some I have to file a non-payment dispute and it takes a week or two for them to pay (or, if they don't pay, the coin has to be relisted), and some wiggle out of the sale entirely. Then on top of this, you can add another layer of sales with Second Chance options. Thus, I and most other sellers on eBay use stock photos - all coins of the same grade look alike. Having said all of that, it is still difficult to keep track of inventory. I trust that you can understand my reasoning for using stock photos - I do trade on eBay for pleasure. It would be fine if I only sold 1 or 2 coins a week, but, when you approach 10 or more a week; it is a rather difficult task to photo each and every coin and try to track it from auction listing to sale and then final payment. I did that when I first started and soon gave-up trying to keep up with that procedure. Trust me, all coins graded MS69, MS70, PF69 or PF70 look the same and are of the same quality. Also, since the coin you are bidding on is not the one shown in the photo; it goes without saying that the holder and/or label design may differ, too. Hope I have satisfactorily answered your question. > A word about Shipping: I usually ship the day after cleared payment is received. In my listings, I ask that I be allowed three days for shipment, as I live in the country and our electric and/or DSL can go out at anytime; which puts me out of business until it comes back on. Also if you pay via PayPal e-check, eBay requires that we not ship your item until cleared payment is received - this can delay shipment of your item for 7-10 days - and it is not the seller's fault that your item was not shipped the day after you sent your e-check payment. Please keep this in mind when leaving your Feedback. > A word about Insurance: Most eBay sellers and buyers feel that shipping silver coins with USPS insurance protects the seller and the buyer. All that eBay requires for the seller to be protected is to ship items with Delivery Confirmation; and with Signature Confirmation, if the package value is over $250. Most eBay sellers and buyers do not realize that the only way that the USPS will honor insuring silver coins, according to USPS Postal Regulations, is if they are sent via Registered Mail - which is very expensive. I feel that the real way to send coins safely is not to tell ANYONE what you are selling on eBay and/or what you are mailing. I have been mailing silver and gold coins for over 3-1/2 years and have not had one coin that was not delivered. I ship via First Class Mail with Delivery Confirmation; and Signature Confirmation, when required. I have had postal clerks ask me what I sell on eBay and I tell them "Stuff". One clerk said that that covered a big area and I told him that yes, it was. And left it at that. > A word about Feedback: I usually leave Feedback right after the buyer pays - At that point in time, I feel that the buyer has completed their portion of the sale. I don't believe in holding the buyer's FB hostage until they leave me positive FB, etc. I think that is very childish. But, sometimes when I have a very busy week, I tend to let the FB slide until I have more time. And don't forget that sellers like to receive FB, too. I don't come out and ask for FB, because it is just another step in the total process and we are all supposed to be grown-ups. > eBay likes to keep their buyers and sellers happy. In order for there to be happy sellers, we need to leave them the best possible Feedback that we can. A lot of buyers do not realize that eBay places a lot of emphasis on the FB that sellers receive. When sellers receive good FB they get discounts on their listings, better placement of their listings, etc. Plus, it is nice to have happy sellers who will continue to go out of their way to please their buyers and continue to list high-quality items on eBay. The end result is happy buyers and happy sellers - after all, eBay is supposed to be a happy place for its members to trade items. > Buy with confidence: In the unlikely event of a problem (everyone makes mistakes), please contact me before leaving Feedback and I will make things right. I am 100% committed to great service and standing by to make it right. Leaving negative Feedback does not resolve anything; but, I can personally resolve your problem. I like happy customers and happy, repeat customers. Thank you and Happy Bidding!!!

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